The Workers’ Rights Program protects workers from inhumane treatment and vigorously enforces laws to protect their rights!

During the first quarter of the year, La Raza Centro Legal’s Workers’ Rights Program has  assisted hundreds of low-wage, immigrant workers in obtaining recoveries of unlawfully unpaid wages totaling approximately $500,000! Recently, the program vigorously enforced laws to protect the rights of two workers.

Laborers of a local moving company were not provided meal or rest periods and did not receive overtime pay for their twelve hour work days.  The workers also tolerated harassment and abuse.  Although they worked well, they were yelled at and humiliated. The final mistreatment was the unfair termination of employment after several years of tireless work benefiting the success of the company.

Throughout the employment, one of the workers had to pawn all of his most important jewelry because the company was not paying all wages due. This meant he lost his wedding ring, gifts from his family and anything of value he had so that he could pay rent and eat.  After he lost his job, he had lost all hope of ever getting back is valuables.

La Raza Centro Legal’s Workers’ Rights Program filed claims on their behalf of the workers for thousands of overtime hours as well as meal and rest break compensation. At first, the employer barely acknowledged that he had employed the workers even though they had been loyal employees for several years. Once the process began, employer understood that no one was backing down and slowly moved towards a resolution. The workers were finally compensated for their dedication and hard work and one of the workers was able to reclaim his beloved articles.

*Client names have not been released to protect confidentiality.