Our Fight Continues

Because of You, La Raza Centro Legal continues to empower Latino, immigrant and Low-income communities of San Francisco to Advocate for their Civil and Human Rights.

Can You Make a Difference in the Life of a Family? The answer is Yes!

home1Because of You, La Raza Centro Legal continues to empower Latino, immigrant and Low-income communities of San Francisco to Advocate for their Civil and Human Rights. After 41 years of this significant and complex work, La Raza Centro Legal is at the forefront of producing social change and achieving inspiring successes that impact individuals, families and entire communities.

Because of You, Centro Legal’s, Immigration Law Program assisted *Carmen a domestic violence survivor who bravely decided to put an end to years of physical and psychological abuse. Our Immigration Staff Attorney, Cecilia Candia successfully prepared and file an application for U Non-immigrant Status (U Visa) with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. We are excited to announce that Carla has been granted Deferred Action, as her application was provisionally approved pending availability of a visa. Once she has accumulated three years of presence in the U.S as a U visa holder, Carla will be able to apply for legal permanent resident. With your ongoing support we will be there to help Carla apply for her legal permanent resident.

Because of you, our Workers’ Rights program has assisted hundreds of low-wage, immigrant workers in obtaining recoveries of unlawfully unpaid wages totaling approximately $475,000. In addition, our Workers’ Rights Program was successful in a motion requesting U-Visa certification through the Superior Court of California as co-counsel in a sexual harassment Case. The Certification is one of a handful in the nation obtained through a trial court judge and the FIRST in San Francisco!

Because of you, Our Senior Law Program was able to obtain a $75,0000 Settlement for Esperanza Medina. Esperanza is a disable monolingual Spanish speaking senior citizen of San Francisco who came to La Raza Centro Legal in need of assistance after receiving a letter from the new landlord announcing an eviction under the Ellis Act with a $25,000 offer for relocation expenses (the Ellis Act provides only $9,000 for Esperanza and a 12 month extension). However, Esperanza had live lived in her home for 25 years and she is disabled which made it very difficult for her to find a suitable place to move. Esperanza opted to remain in the unit and wait the 12 month notice since that is her right as a disabled person, as opposed to the 120 days for regular tenants. Sadly, soon after she rejected the offer and communicated her desire to stay in the unit, the landlord began to retaliate. Our Senior Program Coordinator, Carlos Osorio decided to put an end to Esperanza’s violation of her tenant rights. Carlos advocated on behalf of Esparanza including contacting the Rent Board, the manager and the landlord’s attorney. After presenting very clear evidence of retaliation including photos, the landlord’s attorney knew there were many violations of the law and contacted Carlos to settle the case. After lengthy and sometimes tense negotiations, Carlos was able to secure $75,000 for relocation expenses!

Our work is only possible BECAUSE OF YOU! We greatly appreciate your support and we applaud you for your outstanding commitment among Bay Area Law Firms, Organizations and Corporations for engaging and financially supporting important public interest law.