Mixed Status Family Pursuing the American Dream

familia rojas roldan giving testimony at ifd at city hallA “mixed-status family” is a family whose members include different citizenship or immigration status.  This story is about a mixed-status family, the Rojas-Roldans, who La Raza Centro Legal is assisting in their immigration matters.  The Rojas-Roldan family is comprised of a U.S. citizen child, a Deferred Action recipient adult child, and undocumented parents who are DAPA eligible.  They are the image of what immigrant families look like nowadays.  Furthermore, they are an example of people coming to this country to have a chance to pursue the “American Dream.”

As is common with immigrant families, the conditions in one’s home country are not safe and these conditions often force families to flee and find safety in another country.  Whether it was being surrounded by criminal activity, gangs, or drug trafficking, Monica knew it was not a place to raise her family or become productive citizens.  Rather, it had become a place where you were lucky if you could escape harm or, even worse, death.

As a result, Monica made the difficult decision to immigrate to the United States from Mexico with her 9 year old son Kevin in 2004.   As with all new arrivals, it was a struggle to live in the United States undocumented.  Not only is it difficult to find housing, but it’s hard to find employment and a school to send your child. At first they lived in Oakland, California, but quickly found a place to stay in San Francisco and made their home in the Tenderloin District.  Soon, Monica and her husband found work and Kevin was in school.  In March 2011, the Rojas-Roldan family grew – Monica and her husband Jose had a new son and named him Matthew.

Monica, being a strong women in her own right, instilled in her son the desire to work hard, to be a good person and strive to achieve success in school and in work.  It is apparent that living these ideals have helped her, her husband and children get to where they are now.  Monica is currently the manager of housekeeping at a local hotel, her husband is a cook in a well-known restaurant, her son Kevin is studying for his EMT and Firefighter license certificate so that he can apply to the Fireman Academy, and Matthew, the baby of the family, is about to embark on entering school for the first time.

La Raza Centro Legal first met the Rojas-Roldan family when we represented Kevin in his initial Deferred Action application.  We recently applied for Kevin’s DACA renewal and are awaiting an approval in his case.  While we were filing Kevin’s DACA renewal, we were able to identify that his mother and step-father were possibly eligible to apply for Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA).  We provided them with legal consults and screened them for other underlying immigration relief.  Since Monica and Jose are confirmed DAPA eligible, we are assisting them in gathering all the documentation necessary to apply for DAPA immediately once the injunction from the Texas Court has been lifted and a release date for filing applications is set.