Message From the Executive Director, February 2021

Dear Friends, 

Almost a year has passed since our lives changed so dramatically last March. Though there have been so many difficult aspects of social distancing and complex health issues during the pandemic, we have adapted this past year, to try to feel happier day to day.  During a visit with a young adult client this week, I learned that two of her older siblings had recently become engaged or gotten married, and they had moved out of their parents’ home.  The client shared that she also planned to move out of the family home.  Her new steady employment in a job she enjoyed offered her the chance to live independently, and she was excited about starting a new chapter in her life.  

During our meeting to review the status of her immigration case, the client mentioned some of her goals for the next 12 months.  I made the mental note that she was quite a bit more upbeat than when I had last seen her about 4 months ago.  I was so pleased that she was happier, that I did my best to match her energy.  By the end of our meeting, we were sharing stories about the shelter cats we had rescued in the last few months, and making a plan for our next appointment.  It felt just like we were two friends who were catching up after several months apart.  The rest of the day, my own mood was uplifted, just like it would have been had I met with someone from my personal circle of friends.  

Learning about my client’s updates and recent achievements helped me see that many good things are happening in our clients’ lives, notwithstanding that we are living in unprecedented times. We at La Raza Centro Legal are one of those good things.  

The fact that we are the community legal aid office that our clients know and trust over a span of years,  is the reason why we have been successful for almost 50 years.  Our attorneys develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, their parents, their children, and we celebrate their successes along the way.  Of course, we also listen and support them during times of hardships or challenges.  Over the duration of these long-lasting legal partnerships, our attorneys show that they care and bring comfort during stressful and uncertain times like the present.  

We know that clients turn to us not just for legal representation, but also as a source of hope and friendship.  At La Raza Centro Legal,  we are proud to be your community legal aid office, and a trusted resource for our community.  

In gratitude,

Amanda Alvarado Ford, Esq.

Executive Director