LRCL Statement on January 6 Insurrection at the Capitol

La Raza Centro Legal stands against acts of violence and actions which harm others or which result in the loss of human life. The events of January 6 at our nation’s Capitol left us feeling a sense of tremendous shock and absolute grief, at both the incitement of violence and the subsequent acts of mayhem that resulted in five lives lost.

We cannot remain silent upon viewing the loss of lives and the terrorist acts which occurred. We condemn the words and actions of our nation’s president and advisors who, just prior to last week’s lawlessness, incited a mob to act violently. We also denounce the individuals who committed the crimes immediately following as a direct result of the call to arms. While the country needs to better understand the motivations of the mob that invaded the Capitol, the evidence of racism and hatred of immigrants is heartbreaking.

We mourn for the lives lost. Our hearts are heavy for the trauma suffered by those present that day at the Capitol, and we hope for a healing of their minds and souls.

The United States, with the Capitol as its symbol, has been a beacon of human rights and democracy throughout the world. With the Capitol transformed into a scene of mob violence intended to intimidate legislators, it is easy to feel adrift. We face many challenges as we navigate through a lengthy pandemic and long delays for access to vaccines for even our most vulnerable community members. However, on the same day as the tragedy last week, our elected officials in Congress resumed their duties and conducted the final vote that confirmed the results of the Electoral College. By doing so, they affirmed that no act of terrorism or attempt to seize power can disrupt our democracy.

Our society has no place for actions based on hate or hate speech. Black Lives Matter; no human is illegal; love is love; science is real; feminism is for everyone; and kindness and compassion bring forth peace.

Though there be numerous bad actors that seek to harm, we stand united against them, as a legal aid organization in defense of our clients’ civil and human rights. We are confident in our ability to continue this fight, and we are committed to doing so for as long as it takes.

Thank you for standing with us at La Raza Centro Legal, where lawyers partner with the community, so that justice may prevail.

Amanda Alvarado Ford, Esq. Executive Director