Introducing Our New Executive Director, Lydia Lopez

June 14, 2018

Dear Community Stakeholders:

La Raza Centro Legal is excited to share the news that we have hired Lydia López to be our Executive Director. The Board is confident that Lydia’s integrity and leadership ability will greatly strengthen our work in advocating for the civil and human rights of San Francisco’s immigrant and low-income communities. Lydia is a visionary leader with attention to detail, and a passion for equity and the pursuit of justice.

“As an immigrant from Central America, I am honored with this opportunity to advocate for immigrant and low-income communities in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area. I’m also heartbroken by the forced separation of families happening at the border right now. The challenges our clients face will continue to be our challenges; their tears our own tears; and along with a dedicated team of seasoned attorneys, paralegals, and administrators, we will continue fighting for justice and empowering the vulnerable populations we serve, including immigrants, women, children,  low-income populations, LGBTQ, seniors, and adults with disabilities. I will continue in the path of advocating for basic human rights for all, and challenging entrenched systems posing any obstacles to the fair access to legal resources and representation.”

Lydia previously served for four years on the La Raza Centro Legal Board of Directors, and as our Interim Executive Director. We are confident that Lydia’s leadership will make La Raza Centro Legal an even stronger organization on behalf of our clients and the community. Please join me in welcoming Lydia López as the new Executive Director of La Raza Centro Legal.

If you would like to meet Lydia, we invite you to attend our 45th Annual Gala: We The People, Nosotros El Pueblo on Friday, June 22, 2018.

Eduardo Blount
Board President, La Raza Centro Legal