Holiday Greetings from The Board of Directors of La Raza Centro Legal

We’re thrilled to share with you some of our accomplishments this year!

We are pleased to report that LRCL is on much more stable footing financially, and our hardworking staff will be getting raises for the first time in many years.  In addition, our organization has grown with the addition of our new Housing Law Program which provides much-needed legal assistance to those facing eviction in San Francisco. The entire board has made financial commitments to the organization, which helps the staff to better plan what we need to raise each year.  This year a special push at our gala generated income that we hope to use to further grow our staff next year.

We spent the year doing a strategic plan which is going to guide our work for the next several years, and it is focused on how we can serve more of the clients that come through our doors each year, and the steps we need to take to be able to do that, including continuing to grow our legal staff.  We are eager to spend next year working with staff implementing the plan.

We have a beautiful new website, and continue to work to increase LRCL’s social media presence.

Finally, the board has continued to grow and we are proud of the strong board committees we have, and the support they provide to LRCL in finance, fundraising, strategic planning and more areas to come soon.

Thank you for your support to La Raza Centro Legal this year.  Please know how much the board appreciates your stalwart support.


Errol Dauis, Board President

Shanthi Gonzales, Board Vice President