Congratulations Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

La Raza Centro Legal celebrates the voices of more than 74 million people in electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President and Vice President of the United States.

We are especially thrilled for the Bay Area’s Kamala Harris to make history as the first woman, first Black person and first South Asian-American to earn election as Vice President. For women and people of color everywhere, especially our daughters and granddaughters, this victory will provide a steady source of inspiration, standing on the shoulders of centuries of striving and determination in the face of overwhelming adversity and systemic exclusion.

The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris also marks the beginning of an end to a destructive and divisive chapter in U.S. history, one in which the Latinx community has suffered particularly. We look forward to policy changes beginning on day one on immigration, labor, and human rights. We look forward to the new administration ending the senseless cruelty of locking children in cages and to fulfilling its promise to take every step necessary to unite 545 children still separated from their families. President-Elect Biden is also a champion for DACA and pledges to protect undocumented members of armed services, veterans and their spouses from deportation.

While our arduous daily work on behalf of the Bay Area Latinx and immigrant communities continues, today brings us all relief, acceptance, and hope. Together, let’s write the next chapter in this work and in our lives.

El pueblo, unido, jamás será vencido,
Amanda Alvarado Ford
Executive Director